Executive Coaching

Solutions’ executive coaching service is designed to help develop leadership and interpersonal skills essential for managing successfully.   Unlike traditional group training, coaching’s one-on-one format allows us to focus on specific needs and enables managers, executives and organizational leaders to immediately practice their new skills on the job.

Sample of Topics Addressed in Coaching

The following list represents several interpersonal and management skills we have been asked to address through management coaching:

Coaching Methodology

Our executive coaching model has two phases.   First, after a referral for coaching is made, the coach will meet with the potential coaching participant to determine if coaching is the best way forward.  Specific goals of this initial meeting:

The second phase of the coaching process will be flexible based on the strategy outlined in phase one.  However, it will likely consist of weekly or monthly coaching sessions.  Between the sessions, the coach will provide the coaching participant with “homework” (such as relevant self-study or specific on the job tasks to practice new skills) to be discussed in the next session. 

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