Human Capital Services

Strategic HR & Business Process Improvement

Strategic HR increases an organisation’s ability to achieve its vision, mission and strategic objectives. This is done by developing HR initiatives that align with the organisation’s goals. Whether your organization is small or large, a start-up or seasoned business, we can work with you to ensure that your HR initiatives are adding business value.

What actions can your organisation take to distinguish itself from competitors? We can assist clients in a range of key areas including:

Leadership Development
& Coaching

Your leaders are the key to your organisation's success. The number one reason employees leave an organisation is due to a bad experience with their manager or supervisor. Leadership is a skill that can be developed and improved, but is often overlooked when promoting someone into a leadership position. The first step in understanding your leadership strengths and gaps is thorough assessment. Assessments are one of the best tools we have to really generate self-reflection on leadership skills, competencies and styles. To make those self-assessments even more powerful, 180 or 360 degree instruments are recommended.

We offer the following leadership development solutions:

Talent Management & Succession Planning

What do the most prestigious and well managed companies have in common? They invest in their employees. They invest in learning and development programmes, skills and career development, talent retention and succession programmes. These programmes emphasise the connection between business success and employee engagement and loyalty. We offer:

Performance Improvement

Performance Management and improvement should not be a complex process. It’s about aligning people with the goals and objectives of the organisation to achieve its mission. There’s a simple five step process that we recommend and offer a full spectrum of consulting services on all components of the performance management cycle:


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