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  Learn@Work Week: September 29 - 23

Dear Colleague,

This edition of our newsletter is dedicated to “Learn@Work” week. The Canadian Society for Training & Development promotes this annual event across Canada, and most countries have their own version. So what’s it all about and why should we embrace it? It is well documented that learning has a positive impact on key business measures such as job performance and productivity. It is also widely recognised that learning plays a large role in contributing towards a country’s economic development. We encourage you to pick just one of the enclosed learning activities or ideas and kick start your learning at work this week!

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The Solutions Team

Creativity is for Everyone


Have you ever wished you were more creative? Would you like to be able to come up with 20 different ways to resolve a problem rather than one? If so, follow these three simple steps designed to help you become more creative:

  1. Do something different
    If you’re trying to develop your creativity, doing something differently can really help. Try sitting in another part of your office, writing with a different coloured pen, taking a walk in the fresh air or even taking your shoes off!
  2. Learn to love your ideas
    On an average day you’ll probably have more creative ideas than you can remember! They may seem wacky or impractical, but amongst them there will be at least one great idea, and others that may well lead you onto something else. Try jotting your ideas down and coming back to them a couple of days later; you may be pleasantly surprised at what you read.
  3. Take five to brainstorm with colleagues
    Creativity isn’t just about painting or working with your hands; there are lots of different ways to be creative inside and outside work. If you’re trying to develop your creativity at work – make use of other people. It can be hard to generate ideas and solve problems on your own, so sharing your ideas with another person for just 5 minutes can provide you with a new perspective. Remember, every idea – however wild and wacky, has the potential to be turned into a workable and successful solution. (whiteboards or flipcharts are a great tool to get creative with your colleagues)

Let the Ideas Flow

  Let the Ideas Flow

Use the following techniques to get started on that speech, or presentation, or report that you have been putting off. Combat writers block today and you’ll be amazed by the great ideas that flow. Its all to do with separating left brain and right brain activity – try it, it really works!

Mini Workouts

  Mini Workouts+

Work-related learning has traditionally been associated with training courses that take up time away from the workplace. It is possible however, to deliver learning in frequent, bite-sized chunks on a more regular, and less time-consuming basis. Ideas include:

Learning to Embrace Conflict Can Lead to Personal and Professional Growth

  Embrace Conflict

CONFLICT.  The word itself triggers strong emotions: anger, disappointment, discomfort, resentment.   Because of these strong negative connotations, as a society, we are quick to try to avoid conflict for fear of damaging our relationships.  Unfortunately, when we view conflict as negative, this tends to become a self-fulfilling prophecy:  if you enter a conflict situation already feeling threatened or anxious, it’s tough to deal with the problem at hand in a healthy way. Instead, when faced with conflict, we are likely to shut down or blow up in anger.

We rarely think of the positive side of conflict.  But, if managed well, conflict can strengthen our relationships and build trust.  Here are just a few of the personal and professional benefits of facing conflict head on:

Personal Professional
Improve self-knowledge Promote good teamwork
Increase understanding Encourage constructive dialogue
Build confidence in Problem Solving Engage in idea generation
Empowerment Increase performance

When faced with conflict, you don’t have to make a choice between fight or flight. Arm yourself with the skills needed to embrace conflict and learn to enjoy the positive change that conflict ignites.

Self Awareness is a Lifelong Learning Process

  Embrace Conflict

Individuals learn at a rapid rate through their engagement in life but I often wonder how much time people spend on self reflection and self discovery in order to obtain self awareness.  Too often, I see individuals so engaged in living that they forget to take time out for inner reflection...getting to know themselves.  

Just as professional learning is critical to the advancement of careers, self awareness is critical to the advancement of the individual. Individuals become self aware by spending time reflecting on their day to day lives, thoughts, emotions and behaviours and become consciously aware of their ideas, feelings and reactions. 

Self discovery and reflection are learned behaviours, which take a conscious effort and are on-going processes.  Taking time out of the day to learn what makes an individual tick is important.Through self reflection and self discovery people gain self awareness and grow as individuals.

He who knows others is learned; He who knows himself is wise. ~ Lao-tzu, Tao te Ching

Spotlight Solutions

One of our main services at Solutions Ltd. is Learning and Development and "Learn@Work" week is a perfect time to spotlight this service.  We provide employers and employees the opportunity to learn at work throughout the year.  Organisations that acknowledge the importance of  giving their employees tools on a regular basis to make continual improvements in work knowledge, service quality and soft skills are the organisations that succeed and rise above their competitors.

Over the past few months, Solutions Ltd. has been working with Kirk Supermarket and Marine to help their entire staff learn new skills in conflict management that they can put into action at work, at home and beyond.  During Learn@Work week, we would like to highlight Kirk Supermarket and Marine’s success in embracing workplace learning and commend their understanding of the impact learning has on reaching business goals.

KPMG is another client who embraces the learning organisation philosophy. Solutions Ltd. recently hosted a series of "thought leadership" breakfast seminars with their people managers. The sessions were short rich blasts of knowledge in the areas of motivation, leadership and courageous conversations.


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