Solutions News: 2012 1st Quarter Edition


New Year, New You

The end of January is a time to reinforce your annual pledge to eat less, exercise more, learn a new language or to institute “date night”.  As exciting as self-improvement can (and should) be, finding resolutions that actually create permanent, positive change is challenging and can seem overwhelming.  In this issue, we look at ways to make the whole resolving process a little less painful, and perhaps a little more fulfilling.

Make it Meaningful


When thinking about the resolutions you have made, spend some time processing what your resolutions mean to you.  Is your resolution simply a diet to lose some weight or an exercise regime which may or may not last 4-6 weeks?  Something you have been meaning to do for the past 6 months but haven’t gotten around to doing? Or is it something you would like to see as a life changing event, a change in the normal routine?  Does your resolution have a specific meaning to you?  Typically we make resolutions without putting much thought into the resolutions we are making.  If we commit to change, which doesn’t have meaning, the likelihood of it becoming routine is slim.

Human nature dictates that we are motivated by things that are important to us and that have meaning.  If your resolution is a goal to lose 10 pounds, you will probably accomplish this goal.  But once you have, you may be tempted to stop eating healthy and stop exercising because you have “checked the box” by reaching your goal.  In a short amount of time, you will be back to where you were before making the resolution and the whole cycle will begin again in January 2013.  There may be meaning in this resolution, but it is short lived.  Instead, if your resolution is to eat healthier and exercise to achieve overall health, there is motivation beyond losing weight.  The meaning becomes more significant making your resolution more likely to become routine.

Make it Stick

Regardless of the resolutions you choose to make, here are 5 tips on how to help make them stick:

  1. Consider the “why” behind the “what.”  Sometimes it’s not the change you want to make, but why you want to make it that determines if it sticks.  You’re more likely to accomplish a 30-day yoga challenge if you dedicate it to a friend who was just diagnosed with cancer then if you’re doing it to lose just enough weight to fit into your skinny jeans.
    Trade “ambitious” for “achievable.”  Yes, it would be great to end world hunger or stop global warming.  But be honest, did you stop to consider if your resolutions were realistic before making them?  Resolving to stop adding sugar to your coffee in the morning may stick better than cutting sugar out of your diet. . .forever.
  3. Have a partner in crime.  Change is a lot more tolerable when it is attempted with others.  Try quitting smoking with your partner or starting a morning exercise routine with your co-worker.  Even if you can’t find someone to join you, at least rally a support team to cheer you on.
  4. Remember wavering doesn’t mean failure.  Let’s say you resolve to stop eating desserts during the week.  You’re doing really well until Wednesday of Week 5 when the cookies your neighbour baked for your birthday won’t stop calling to you.  Instead of starting to panic that all hope of your resolution surviving is lost; take a breath, have a cookie, and then get back to your resolution.
  5. And finally, as with everything else in your life, take change one day at a time!


Trust That You Can Do It

Having strong self-control means being less likely to make bad decisions that could negatively impact your health or the future.  Unfortunately, most people don’t think they have much self-control.   According to Dr. Kelly McGonigal, a psychologist at Stanford University, “the problem with willpower is that people see it as forcing yourself to do what you don’t want to do.”  Instead of concluding that you don’t have any willpower, try redefining willpower as “the strength to do what matters most to you.”  You may find that the subtle change in perspective makes all the difference in your ability to self-control.

Consider Others


Although diet and exercise are the most common, there are other New Year’s resolutions to consider.  Take a few minutes to consider resolutions that have multiple benefits; for example, volunteering time to the community, being a mentor, donating money to a charity.  Choosing resolutions that consider others tackles two birds with one stone; we accomplish internal fulfillment by giving back and help others at the same time, both of which reinforce our sense of meaning and purpose in life.

Spotlight Solution

Over the holiday season, Solutions Ltd. was asked to come up with a team building exercise which reinforced the organisation’s commitment to their employees and also built on an element of team cohesiveness.  The goal was to build stronger teams through reinforcing good communication skills, interpersonal relationships and the ability to have fun with one another.

Solutions Ltd. decided that since this event was planned during the lead up to the Christmas season, it was a perfect opportunity to design an event around the theme of giving back. 

We chose ARK (Acts of Random Kindness) as the charity and developed the team building event around the initial goals.  Each team was given $250.00 and 3 hours to go out and collect as many goods as possible with the money.  The group had a chance to plan their strategies with their team members the day before and had 30 minutes to finalise their plans prior to beginning the event.  They were told they would be judged on specific criteria (which focused on the goals of the event, how much was collected and the strategy in which the items were collected) when they returned.

At the end of the event, teams came back with over $6,000.00 of goods and items ranging from food, toys, gift certificates and free health checks.  These items were presented to ARK who distributed the goods to families in need over the holiday season.

It was a chill bump experience for us at Solutions Ltd. to see the excitement and 100% involvement from all of the participants.  We watched the teams strategically devise their plans and maximise the money in order to obtain the most goods. The presentations at the end of the event were a testimony to the creativity and effort each team put into their strategy and the amount of gratification and self fulfillment each participant received from giving back.  We had tears of joy after seeing the entire room FULL of items for those in need. 

Thank you to all of the vendors who so graciously donated items and to all of the employees in the Trust Department at Butterfield Bank for making this event a success!  For more information on this event, please visit



The Bottom Line

If you really want your 2012 New Year’s resolutions to count, start by taking time to sit down and think about what each resolution means to you.  Then trust that you have enough willpower to make the change happen.  If you engage in this simple process and take into consideration some of our tips, you may find that for the first time in your life, your resolutions stick.  Now your biggest concern will be coming up with a DIFFERENT resolution for 2013!

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