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Introductory and Advanced Mediation Certifications

Solutions Ltd. will be running three mediation courses in September, which will be facilitated with Florida Supreme Court certified mediator, Charles Castagna, Esq. (castagnamediation.com).  For further information or if you would like to register, please contact Julie McLaughlin: julie@solutionsltd.ky 


Mediation Certification Course: 


Tuesday 12 November - Saturday 16 November, 8:00am-1:00pm daily

Participants on the certification course will practice a flexible, facilitative mediation model.  The skills developed on the course can enhance the abilities of government officials and civil servants, attorney at every level, community leaders, business leaders, insolvency practitioners, trust and hedge fund managers, HR managers, and teachers.  The course is open to anyone interested in a obtaining a mediation certification that is recognized by the Cayman Islands Association of Mediators and Arbitrators (CIAMA).

Cost: $2000.00


Mediation Advocacy Workshop:


Tuesday November 13, 2:00pm-5:30pm 

This half-day workshop is designed to benefit practicing attorneys who may find themselves in a position to participate in the mediation process as counsel to one of the disputants.  The purpose of the workshop is not only to remind counsel of the opportunity for optimum resolution mediation presents, but more importantly, to provide strategies to get their client in the proper frame of mind to make the most of this opportunity.

Cost for CIAMA Members: $350.00          Cost for Non-members: $500.00


Mediating Divorce:


Wednesday 14 November 2:00pm-5:30om 

This workshop is open to certified mediators and is designed to provide introductory skills for managing conflicts and resolving disputes that arise within the family context and in divorce proceedings.  The workshop will look at the difference between mediating commercial and family disputes and will provide strategies for creating parenting plans, asset division and determining spousal and child support.  The session will also provide an opportunity for participants to polish pre-existing mediation skills.  

Cost for CIAMA Members: $350.00          Cost for Non-members: $500.00 



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