Counselling is a confidential process by which a person who is experiencing difficulties willingly engages in a process of open discussions with a trained professional.

Counselling is a two way process which requires clients’ active involvement. This includes efforts to change any self-defeating thoughts, feelings, and/or behaviours. An eclectic approach of counselling is used, combining Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution Focussed Therapy and Rational-Emotive Therapy, all of which encourages clients to take control over their lives and make better choices to enhance change.

Confidentiality is the most important aspect of the counselling process and is treated with the upmost importance. All information shared during the counselling process is treated as personal and privileged communication and is the right of all clients of professional counsellors by law and by professional standard code of ethics.

Individual Counselling

We provide professional and confidential counselling services to individuals of all age groups and for a variety of presenting issues and concerns. When deciding whether or not to go to counselling, it's important to measure your own comfort levels with your counsellor and the counselling process.

Building rapport and trust with your counsellor is the first step to success and allows you to explore areas of concern in a safe and confidential environment.

Youth Counselling

Our staff have extensive experience working with children and adolescents from the age of 3. Play therapy is a form of therapy used for children ages 3-10. Our therapists will use a variety of techniques when working with children and adolescents above the age of 10, with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy being the main focus.

Couples Counselling

Couples counselling is a process where two people come together to work on certain aspects of a relationship. We are trained and experienced to work with couples on a variety of levels and find that communication is one of the main barriers to successful relationships. By providing basic communication skills as a baseline to our work with couples, we find couples can get through most of their challenges.

Group Counselling

Group counselling is beneficial when more than one person has been affected by a similar event or who maybe experiencing similar symptoms. Some common group work includes; smoking cessation, addictions recovery, working moms, infertility issues, grief support groups and many more.

On-Line Counselling

We know that not only is confidentiality crucial to the success of the counselling process but flexibility is very important as well. Some individuals feel more comfortable engaging in counselling from their own home and some individuals are unable to physically come to our offices for a variety of reasons.

We currently have clients locally and in a few different countries who utilise this service. We are happy to accommodate our clients by offering this service and use Skype as a platform for on-line counselling sessions.

Professional Member: American Counseliing AssociationCertified Rehabilitation CounselorHealth Practice Commission

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