Through our mediation and facilitation services, Solutions Ltd. is dedicated to improving our clients’ overall communication skills and facilitating constructive and forward-thinking resolutions to conflicts at home, at school and in the community.

Resolving Conflicts at Home

Mediation is successful in resolving several types of family disputes. Mediation provides divorcing clients with a less damaging alternative to litigation; especially when children are involved, mediation is a more appropriate way of determining co-parenting strategies. Additionally, we hope to provide clients with such services as resolving of disputes between parents and their adult or teenage children, assisting in family decision making regarding elder care issues of an aging family member and providing reconciliation opportunities for separated couples.

Resolving Conflicts in Schools

Peer mediation and peer mentoring programmes provide young people and teenagers with important life skills that will benefit them personally and academically, and prove invaluable later in their professional lives.

Through peer mediation, students are trained as conflict managers to assist fellow students resolve disputes in a manner that is acceptable to everyone involved. By providing students with conflict management skills, not only are minor incidents managed before they escalate to more serious offenses, but students also learn positive ways of dealing with their own personal conflicts as a constructive alternative to violence.

Through peer mentoring, one-on-one relationships are created between upper classmates and younger students who may be facing difficult issues in and out of school. With appropriate training the mentor will learn to guide, listen to, and support his or her mentee by modelling good ways of approaching and dealing with problems.

Through both programmes, students gain self-esteem and improved leadership abilities that will assist them in excelling today and in their future careers.

Resolving Conflicts in the Community

Through our facilitation services, we strive to empower communities to become better problem solvers. We provide communication and conflict management skills training to community leaders, service providers and at-risk groups so that they can constructively manage conflicts that inevitably arise in all interpersonal relationships.

Through our mediation services, we can provide victim/offender mediation and family-group conferencing mediation as successful restorative justice tools for at-risk individuals, particularly at-risk youth. Mediation can be useful in criminal misdemeanour disputes such as shoplifting, simple assault, threats, unlawful entry and destruction of property. Through family group conferencing, mediation can be used to solidify a support unit for at-risk youth.

For additional information about our Mediation and Conflict Management Services for corporations and small businesses, visit the Corporate Conflict Management Solutions page.

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